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F.A.Q.s About Home Alarm Systems

Does it cost me anything for an alarm system estimate for my business or home

No charge for an estimate.

How soon can my alarm system be installed?

We can install your alarm system within one week.

Do I need an alarm permit?

Yes, all cities require permits. Check with your local police department or download the form from the website to find out what fee is required in your city. The form needs to be filled out as soon as possible to comply with city ordinance.

Do I have to sign a long term contract like most companies require?

No, contracts to sign! Our satisfied customers are our best asset and referral source.

Do I receive a discount on my homeowners insurance with my monitored alarm system?

Yes, all homeowner’s insurance companies give up to 20% discount. Many times this will cover your low cost monitoring fee.

Who will install and service my alarm system?

Charles Killen, owner & operator, will be the only one that will enter your home or business. This means your privacy will be protected.

Will I be charged for a false alarm?

Yes, you may be charged after three false alarms by your local police department. You can prevent this from happening simply by waiting for us to call you and ask for your password.

Troubleshooting Tips

  • Help prevent false alarms by making sure your door is shut when leaving your home or business.
  • If you have animals, make sure your motion detector is pet immune.
  • If your pre alarm signal quits working, how do you turn it back on? On most alarm key pads press function 4, reset.
  • If your keypad is beeping with a check system light on, then press function 9, then reset or star 9 and the pound key. If this does not work- call Killen Alarm System.
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